Nobu is inspired by Lisa Konno’s father: Nobuaki Konno. The collection reflects on Dutch and Japanese identity, caricaturizes cultural misunderstandings and the hype about Japan and at the same time draws an intimate portrait of her father as an immigrant. The designs are based on items of Nobu’s closet such as his old promo T-shirts, vintage kimonos and his favourite raincoat. The collection purposely exaggerates aesthetic cliches that are often used when designers are inspired by Japan: the decor of the show was a field of over-sized origami tulips and kimono-flowers were used as patches on T-shirts promoting Karate championships.

Photography & Casting Laila Cohen
Styling Pascal Joel Weber @ Angelique Hoorn Mgmt
Hair Floor Kleyne @ Angelique Hoorn Mgmt
Make-up Yokaw

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